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“It’s about nothing.” –George Costanza

I was recently asked to be part of The Writing Process Blog Tour by Gretchen Kelly of Drifting Through My Open Mind. Gretchen is a great thinker, a thoughtful writer and an all-around wonderful human being, so I was honored that she thought I might have something to offer on the writing process.

However, when it came to actually answering these questions, I had a mini-panic attack, because when it comes to blogging, I often feel like a huge poseur. In many areas of my life, I seem to give the impression that I know what I’m doing, when in reality, I’m probably just thinking about cheese fondue. But, as someone who’s never shied away from humiliating myself, I’ll share my “writing process.”

Of course, now I’m thinking about cheese fondue.

Why Do I Write What I Do?
Honestly, because it’s whatever first makes its way out of my head in the most complete form. There’s a lot rolling around in there, but I have a dreadful attention span and there are a lot of shiny dimes in the world, so little of it becomes more than a few scribbles in my notebook. Often, by the time I go back to review the notes I’ve written, I have no idea what I was talking about. So, what ends up on my blog is usually just the result of the thought, time and focus stars all being in alignment.

When I started Rachealizations, I went against the advice of some very smart people, and opted not to focus my blog on any subject matter in particular. For one, I’m not an expert on anything. Were I an expert on something, I may feel differently. But unless you consider an obsession with cheese an area of expertise, I’m not sure that my advice on anything would earn more than a “B+” grade. Also, I’m interested in everything, and would simply get bored if I had to write about only one thing all the time.

I think life is fascinating. Even when it’s pissing me off, there’s so much to notice and to ponder. And each day brings more. I can’t fit it all in my head, but don’t want to lose it forever. It has to come out in some form, and blogging is oodles more fun than journaling, if a little scarier. I do tend to avoid writing about topics that are trending, though, unless I believe I have some truly unique perspective (most likely, I do not), because then I feel like I’m just making white noise.

How Does My Writing Process Work?
I wish I had one, because then I might feel like I have more “writing cred.” In my imagination, I wake up in Paris and alternate writing and eating all day. And if I ever actually manage to publish a book, that’s probably the story I’ll tell. But in reality, when I have a thought, I pull out pen and paper and jot it down. If I have the time and focus to flush it out, it becomes a blog article. If not, it stays in the notebook until I have a chance to look at it again. If I can remember what I was thinking about at the time, then that thought might become a blog article.

That’s it. I’m sure Michael Crichton has a much better process.

How Does My Work Differ From Others In Its Genre?

Probably because other blogs seem to have a point. I sort of think of my blog as the virtual equivalent of Seinfeld…it’s about nothing. At all. Absolutely nothing.

What Am I Working On At The Moment?
Opening my chakras and learning how to make bouillabaisse in fewer than three days. Also, I’m breaking up with Facebook. Because Facebook is an asshole.

Oh, my writing. Right. I have a few books in various stages of incomplete, and an impressive collection of Post-It notes and Hello Kitty notebooks. But really, I’m just trying to strengthen my writing voice and shape this blog into something resembling…well, a blog.

Now that I’ve got all of you shaking your heads in true “what the fuck did I just read” fashion, I will pass the torch on to writers who actually know what the hell they’re doing. For those of you who are not yet familiar with them, it is my pleasure to introduce you to:

Speaker 7: Honestly, one of the funniest writers I’ve encountered. Check out her Fifty Shades of Grey “recrap.” You’ll never look at butt plugs the same way again.

Drew Chial: Creative and brilliant. A true writer in every sense.

The Bloggess: Again…one of the funniest writers ever. I am still in mourning over having finished her book, it was so awesome.

None of these people have any idea who I am, so I don’t know if they’ll respond to my pleas for shared wisdom, but check them out, anyway. They’re definitely worth it.

© Racheal Lee Bradford


5 thoughts on “The Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. 4joydaily says:

    Your the Bomb! J

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  2. Chris Capestrain says:

    Congratulations on being invited on the tour. Well deserved!


  3. “I sort of think of my blog as the virtual equivalent of Seinfeld…it’s about nothing. At all. Absolutely nothing.” I relate to this so much! When people ask me what my blog is about I always pause and then say, “A little of this, a little of that…I guess.”


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