Gratitudes and Platitudes-Day Two

birthday cake

“Let them eat cake.” –Marie Antoinette

I suppose to the casual observer, my inability to stay on track with my daily gratitude posts–on only the second day–might suggest that perhaps I’m not demonstrating sufficient gratitude. However, in my defense, yesterday was my birthday. So, just like every September 17th, I turned into a full-fledged 10-year-old for the bulk of the day, noting every Facebook and text birthday greeting and checking the mail repeatedly for cards and flowers. This amount of self-absorption leaves very little time for writing a proper blog post. Some people I know have suggested that perhaps I should “act my age” and not expect quite so much pomp and circumstance. Some people have questionable priorities.

But, to show that I can still be grateful, even on MY day, allow me to say the following….

I am grateful for a partner who understands my belief that a proper birthday celebration should last, at minimum, one week. While he has yet to learn that said birthday week requires that a gift be given on each one of those days, at least he’s not giving me the eye roll.

I am grateful for friends who understand that gifts are always appropriate, regardless of the number of candles on the cake. For those who somehow missed it, despite my many hints, please note my above comment about birthday week. Also, for those too overwhelmed with personal commitments to shop, I do sympathize. Checks are perfectly acceptable.

I am also grateful for cake. Especially birthday cake. Cake is awesome.

Whatever you might think of Marie Antoinette, she was definitely on to something with the cake thing. © Racheal Lee Bradford


3 thoughts on “Gratitudes and Platitudes-Day Two

  1. Mom says:

    Haha, love it! And hope your birthday week was wonderful and that you had lots of cake! 🎂😀


  2. Chris Capestrain says:

    I think i wished you a HBD but just incase Happy Birthday Beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

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