Gratitudes and Platitudes-Day Three

English stilton and wild lavendar honey

English Stilton and lavender honey. The only thing to die for.

“Always do whatever’s next.” –George Carlin

I was worried this morning that I may already be out of things for which I should feel grateful, but then I decided to venture out into the world. And moment by moment, I felt grateful that life will always give me some reason to say “that’s messed up, yo! Glad that’s not me!”

Today, I am grateful for funny friends who take birthday week seriously and buy me pork belly Pho for lunch. Those friends rock. Seriously, guys…there’s still a few days left, and I haven’t eaten dinner, yet.

I am also grateful for the 20-year-olds who yelled “you’re sexy” at me from their car at the stop light. As I began driving away, I smiled and thought “fuck yeah, I am,” but then realized I should probably have been offended by that. I am totally going to lose my feminist cred.

Finally, today I am grateful that I do not drive a pick-up truck with the words “LIVE AND DIE FOR THE 2ND AMENDMENT” on my rear windshield. Because I only live and die for cheese.

Another four days of this shit? You’ve got to be kidding me…. © Racheal Lee Bradford


2 thoughts on “Gratitudes and Platitudes-Day Three

  1. Chris Capestrain says:

    Haha! Not as easy as it sounds right? 4 more days. Loved this one too ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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