Gratitudes and Platitudes-Day Four

Rocky River bridge-edited
What I was looking at right before my faceplant.

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” –Don Marquis

It has been brought to my attention that I have an odd sense of what a week means, and that I am woefully behind on my gratitude posts. I think some people are too fixated on minutia, and are missing the whole point of gratitude. I suggested that we should all stop focusing so heavily on such small matters as time, and start focusing on big picture matters like personal and societal development. My friend suggested that I tell that to my next boss when I arrive late to work. Whatev…on to it.

I am grateful for those magnificent individuals in the world who still have some firing brain cells in a culture that seems Hell-bent on dumbing itself down. Say what you want about millennials, folks, but you’ve got to give them credit for giving the finger to nutjobs who want to re-write textbooks in order to whitewash U.S. history. I suppose in the kinder, gentler version, Rosa Parks stood up and said “my bad.”

I am grateful for soup. For me, fall is officially soup season and I always kick it off by eating about a gallon of whatever soup I choose to begin with on a given year. This year it was chicken and corn chowder (organic and non-GMO, of course). This went over much better than last year’s choice. It is now very clear to me that I can not, at my age, consume a gallon of beer cheese soup.

And I am grateful for the near-daily nature walks that I’ve been fortunate to take lately. They have given me a tremendous sense of peace and joy, which spills over into the remaining moments of my days. I am even more grateful for that lovely couple on my walking path who simply stared at me in bewilderment, rather than pointing their fingers at me and laughing hysterically when I lost my balance and did a faceplant into the mud. Yes, thank you, I’m ok…so, I’d be very grateful if we could all just pretend this didn’t happen.

Thanks to those of you reading, and here’s hoping you have much to be grateful for, as well! © Racheal Lee Bradford


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