Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday–Happy Birthday Little Man

Little Man newborn
“Before you cross the street, take my hand…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.” –John Lennon

The other night, as I was tending to the business of getting lunch and school clothes ready for the next day, I eavesdropped overheard Little Man’s conversation with not one, but three little girls. At first I smiled and chuckled to myself at the cuteness of the awkward, youthful first phones calls with “girls.” But the chuckles were quickly replaced with tears, as I realized that everything is about to change. And rapidly.

You see, Little Man will be 11 in just a few days. And with that comes many bittersweet changes to our lives as we’ve known them. Soon, the company of buddies and the opinions of 11-year-old girls will matter far more than that of mom’s. I will soon become “uncool” and an infringement on his suddenly-much-needed privacy.

I realize that I am completely un-unique in this respect. Billions of parents have experienced this same sense of sadness for their own little ones’ transitions from cuddly child to big person. And I appreciate how very lucky I am to be able to marvel at the person he is growing to be. He’s had some truly challenging times, yet carries within him a compassion, a sense of wonder and a joie de vivre that I’ve encountered in very few people. And that makes my heart smile.

And yet, part of me mourns the five-year-old that I can now only visit in my memories. The child who wanted nothing more than to snuggle with me on the sofa and watch a movie. Soon, I will only be able to smell his hair and tickle his belly in my daydreams…because it will be “totally whack” to do that when he’s 15 and with his friends. I know our cuddling days are numbered, and I dread the day I hear “mom, is it ok if I go to the movies with Brittany?” *sigh.

However, as he grows and becomes, more and more, who he is meant to be, I am profoundly thankful and grateful that this beautiful soul chose to share his journey with me. That I have been the lucky recipient of his laughter and smiles, his wonderful hugs and his many “I love you’s.” So in a few days, while he’s eating cake and receiving birthday wishes and presents, I will be celebrating the gift of him. And that is truly worth more to me than anything else could ever have been.

Happy birthday, Little Man. I love you. © Racheal Lee Bradford


One thought on “Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday–Happy Birthday Little Man

  1. Mom says:

    Today is my Grandson’s birthday! Wow, so hard to believe you are 11 years old. You made your grand appearance 11 years ago and have brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! You may be 11, but you are still my ‘Lil Sugums’. Love you, and Happy Birthday Lil Sugums!

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