Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday – Evidently, I’ve Got Back


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“If I had no sense of humor,  I would long ago have committed suicide.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Like most bloggers, I am always curious to know how it is that strangers find their way to Rachealizations.  I frequently check my WordPress stats for clues, but that’s usually pointless, since most search terms that originate from Google are encrypted.

However,  recently I was able to see that the words “Asss,”  “Asssssss, ” and “Ass mom” found their way to my blog.  So, I’m guessing that I must say the word “ass” a lot.  Also, I am apparently a terrible speller.

What vexed me, though,  is that the person who found me by using the phrase “Ass mom” did it not once, but four times (Cue Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”).

I must be developing a rather unfortunate reputation for myself.   But, grateful for the visit, nonetheless. © Racheal Lee Bradford


6 thoughts on “Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday – Evidently, I’ve Got Back

  1. Don Royster says:

    I think I followed you from a Comment you made on a post. I am glad I did. By the way, I did not know that God’s name is Becky. I thought God’s name was George.


  2. Nice blog..I like to read your posts..thank you!


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