Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday – I Was Thinking….


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Today I am deeply grateful for all the people who “think too much.” Because it seems to me that most people think entirely too little. © Racheal Lee Bradford


Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday-Little Man on the Effectiveness of Advertising

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“On the prow of the wagon, in an attempt to attract business among the Quarterites, Ignatius taped a sheet of Big Chief paper on which he had printed in crayon: TWELVE INCHES (12) OF PARADISE. So far no one had responded to its message.” –A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole

As Little Man and I were barricaded in our home today due to Snowmageddon, we had to find ways to fill what would otherwise have been a normal Monday. I opted for work, laundry and cooking, while Little Man opted for movies and You Tube. At some point late in the afternoon, he shared one of his comical observations that always make me deeply grateful that I am his mother:

LM: I just saw something that changed the way I will see advertising for the rest of my life.

Me: What’s that, schmoopie?

LM: I saw a woman’s boob in an ad. The ad was about gum.

And it begins…. © Racheal Lee Bradford

Gratitudes and Platitudes Monday – I’m A Bad Ass


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“Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk. ”  -Carl Jung

On the drive to Mimi’s house Christmas morning,  my dear Little Man gave me the best Christmas present ever. 

He said (unprompted), “you are a bad ass lady.  Like the girl with the dragon tattoo. ”

Still smiling about that one and feeling deeply grateful.  And pretty bad ass, too.  © Racheal Lee Bradford